MMO Week in Review: Trion triumphs with RIFT Prime (March 11, 2018)

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Queues for days! Well, maybe not literally for days, but queues have definitely befallen players who’ve been trying to play the popular RIFT Prime server this weekend, which honestly is a good thing, since every single one of those folks angling for a vanilla-ish experience is paying a sub.

“We apologize most profusely for our great success,” Trion joked, noting that it’s been busily raising server caps and expects login times to spread out as “the first heated rush to glory fades.”

Don’t forget to check out our guide to the new server, as well as our first impressions published this weekend, then read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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Chosenxeno .

As I have always said, Rift is one of the All Time great MMORPGs. Not surprised to see this doing well. I wish they had gone full Vanilla. I would level a runner for WFS:) It was so broken and so glorious!

A Dad Supreme

Honestly, I don’t trust Trion enough that they will stick to timetables, “guarantees”, or much else long term that they’ve made for this server. That’s a main reason I won’t invest time/money back into the company with Rift Neapolitan (it’s not Vanilla) because I think they will revert to the form they’ve shown over the last few years. I do like that they attempted this though.

But after playing EQ2’s timelocked version last year, I think I’m more than ready to give WoW a go when it comes out in Vanilla form. That’s the one game that I did not play at launch and I have a feeling I can trust Blizzard in the long term with that to keep the greed/P2W out of the shop.

Coldrun ??

It’s a blast so far!

It’s definitely grindier than the vanilla Rift experience. Like, I’m wrapping up in Stonefield. I do all the carnage quests, regular quests, and story quests. I do a dungeon every so often, and close every rift in my leveling path. Even then I have a long way to go each level to avoid falling behind recommended quest levels. I don’t remember that in Vanilla.

But I don’t mind it much right now. I can join a rift grinding group to finish the remaining third of the level, and that’s a pretty fun experience. Racing in a massive raid from rift to rift, knocking out footholds along the way. Even better if it’s a full-on zone invasion.

But to be honest, I still hope they bump the quest xp so that you can mostly quest to level. When population gets closer to max and when people want to get in on the fun late, it won’t be fun to do that rift grinding in a low-pop environment, and shouldn’t be required.

Rift grinding and dungeons should probably be an alternative or minor supplement to questing rather than a required supplement.

(Again, just my opinion! Super happy they made it an option at all with the xp boost.)

EDIT: I also love that they increased the HP/damage of regular enemies in the world. I get to play out my character’s rotation fully, or even use a DoT class if I want and feel effective. Much more engaging than mowing through everything.

Criss Bro

Had a blast on the weekend with Rift Prime ! Don’t believe the haters, this is Rift Vanilla with a little added extra sauce, but it’s well ok :)


I am not a hater but it’s not Rift Vanilla (let’s not give people the wrong impression by calling it Vanilla), but it’s close enough and has been pretty damn fun so far.

Criss Bro

Yep, damn fine :)

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Loyal Patron

Yep. Myself and a few of my guildies had to wait in the login queues this weekend. I was stunned, but like you said, it’s kind of a good thing.


Rift Prime is great so far but I’m worried a couple of things might happen:

– They will see the success and adds loads of mounts and cosmetics to the cash shop for credits. Many of us are there because we want to pay a sub and not have a cash shop.
– They won’t tune the end game properly for the current game souls, so it’ll be too easy.

As long as this kind of stuff doesn’t happen it’ll remain incredibly fun and could lead to a much better future for the game, because let’s face it, it’s been on death’s door.

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I really enjoyed playing Bard in Rift when it was released. I miss playing a game that has support classes. Tempting…


One thing I’ll say about my impressions with RIFT Prime so far – RIFT doesn’t feel/look like it’s aged well at all. Controls feel rather clunky, models/visuals look quite old, sound effects are rather basic, and the music is repetitive.

But it’s still got that weird attractive element to it that it had on me before. It’s like for everything that feels bland and kind of soulless/generic, the core gameplay is still enjoyable and the collection of artifacts and so on is something that still hasn’t really been matched in any MMO except for maybe ESO. It’s like coming back to a game that I used to enjoy for over a year and I somewhat wonder how I got invested in it for so long when it feels so… meh in a lot of ways, but at the same time it’s got a charm that’s been restored for the time being. It tickles a lot of the right effort vs reward feelings I guess, and seeing the rifts and such again sends shivers down my spine.

I guess it’s a lot like how I feel with playing Vanilla/Burning Crusade emulators for WoW. I wonder how the hell I liked that stuff back then and put up with it, but at the same time going back through it all over again, especially after being more experienced with MMOs, feels oddly satisfying in ways that current MMOs can’t really do in the same manner.

Toy Clown

My body is ready for the Carnival of Ascension!

Bryan Gregory

They’ve already made more than enough money off of this. And there are going to be people who never quit, people who quit after several months, and people who don’t even make it a month. It’s the same exact thing that happens with a regular MMO launch, but with a smaller player base. This server is already a success.