Nexon’s MMORPG Mabinogi is about to turn 10 years old


Nexon’s adorable and frankly underrated free-to-play sandbox Mabinogi is preparing to celebrate a decade of life come March 27th, and that means events galore – in fact, some have already begun, including the Festia anniversary zone and miniquests, the Cave of Trials challenge, and the Sneaky Developer quest.

Coming up later in the month are daily and weekly giveaways and handouts, the Festival Troublemakers Event. My favorites, however, are the Popularity Contest and the crafting quest known only as The Fattening. Don’t forget to grab your 10th anny gift box too!

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LOS ANGELES – March 8, 2018 – This month marks 10 years of Nexon players exploring and battling in the mystical world of Mabinogi. To celebrate the decennial anniversary on March 27, Nexon has prepared tons of fun in-game events that begin today.

Mabinogi offers millions of gamers entry into a robust, online universe where they can fully customize their own playable characters to experience all facets of fantasy life in the world of Erinn. Realized in true MMO style, Mabinogi features fighting, exploring, dungeon crawling, harvesting, questing and multiplayer teamwork that are all part of a living, breathing online world.

Over the next 30 days, special events will appear directly within the game. Players can participate in awesome activities, like challenging themselves in the Cave of Trials, feeding the poor hungry deer, voting for their favorite NPC, and more. Nexon has also prepared in-game gifts to thank fans for the past 10 years!

Special 10-year anniversary updates include:

Festia – What’s a better place in the land of Erinn to host a celebration for the 10th Anniversary than Festia? Head to Festia to see everything decked out for the anniversary! During the celebration, some mini-games in Festia will be unlocked along with other events, so there’s no better place to be;

Cave of Trials – The Cave of Trials is back with new titles and a new challenger! Head to the Frontier Zone in Festia to sign up to test your strength in the Cave of Trials. Be warned though! The new challenger, the Song of Grief, will try to challenge you in the twelfth trial. Conquering each trial will reward a new title, so go ahead, and test your strength today;

The Sneaky Developer – Every year, the developer sneaks into the game and compiles Thank-you Notes from the team. On your way into Festia, be sure to stop by and talk to the Sneaky Developer to help hunt for Thank-You Notes! Collect them all to get some special gifts, like the Rose Garden Swing and a Miniature Fan;

Players simply log in to get amazing gifts, like the Party Balloon Pony Whistle, 10th Anniversary NPC Miniature Box, and even a Rose Wreath Fez and Tia Mini-Gem!

Source: Official site, press release
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Grave Knight

Maybe it’s time they build a new version of Mabinogi based on the core idea of the game but with updated design philosophies…


Mabinogi is a game I always wanted to like more than I was actually able to. It sounded great to me on paper, and yet I never enjoyed how the systems were actually put together.

The combat always felt weird and unwieldy to me.

The monetization didn’t work that great for me either for some reason. Everything was really expensive and severely limited if not paying.

Maybe I need to go back and re-try it now that I’m older and slightly different, but it just never felt that… fun to me. The last few times I’ve gone back and tried over the years it just was confusing to me, the game has gone through different ages and I’ve been totally lost as to how to experience everything from the start.

Farming was slow and expensive to me.

The re-birth system didn’t work great for casual gamers, your character would age over time no matter if you were playing or not.

The pets and mounts you’d buy were severely time limited, you had to own multiple stables of them in order to keep playing along and having them with you, and each had their own leveling and such.

They had all these “rush and be the first person to do this and that and get your name immortalized in the game” things from way back when the game was released, random anonymous names nobody knows or cares about taunting you about being the first to super rush through areas. A ridiculous style to begin with rewarding rushing over exploration and enjoying the game (a thing many games do I realize, but at least they’re just usually prizes when starting and not immortalizing those who rushed, despite it just being a random anonymous name that could be anybody).

The parts all sounded great before playing but the execution didn’t work for my gaming style.

I’ve been waiting and wondering if a new version of the game would ever come along that did things a bit more towards my liking. Every once and a while we get some spinoff that isn’t the same at all, just in the same world and lore settings. We also seemed to have promises of sequels that never came to fruition for some reason or another.

The one thing I did like is that you could actually log on and play all these pets that you bought. I could log in as the little cat pet I owned and run around actually killing stuff and leveling up. It was amusing and neat.

Nadine Blot

There is a mobile version in the works bit I think it’s using the systems. I been playing on and off since na closed beta…time it’s time for a revisit.

Bruno Brito

I wanted to test, but while i can deal with dated graphics and gameplay, Mabinogi is just TOO dated. Too slow, too hardcore, and my god, anime graphics are awful.