Smalland shrinks you down and throws you to the squirrels


Did you ever watch Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and think to yourself that you would have done so much better in that unlikely but intriguing survival situation? Well then, it’s time to put your boasts to gameplay because Smalland is here and it wants to shrink you to the size of a cricket to see if you can make it as a micro-hero.

Probably not. Face it, you’re going to be squirrel chow within about two minutes. But those will be two glorious minutes of furious screenshotting.

So while the survival game formula hasn’t changed much — food, water, shelter, and safety are of paramount importance — the shift in size lends an interesting twist to Smalland’s environments. The studio behind this game recently came into some additional funding and is expanding its team and scope as it powers toward a release later this year.

Check out the trailer after the break and let us know what you think!

Source: Smalland. Thanks Curtis!


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Melissa McDonald

being tiny is almost my worst nightmare. Insects would become monsters at that scale.

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This went on my wishlist first thing this morning. It looks adorable and clever.


Nice nice nice one…stunning graphics, style and music in this little footage. I love what I see and I want to see more. This one is definitely on my ‘ games to watch’ list . Thanks Justin…by the way some of that footage reminds of Landmark and that makes me happy :)


Well I don’t have a lot of interest in survival games. However one of my favorite books as a kid was Stuart Little and that looks a lot like being Stuart Little:)

Arcanum Zero

This looks really cool. My favorite thing about the trailer is how it doesn’t feel particularly alien because everything around you is the same size it is in World of Warcraft. :)

Well, okay, except the squirrels.