Albion Online launches Lancelot with fishing and guild updates, grants everyone a week of sub play

Albion Online’s Lancelot update, its third major release since launch, is officially live this morning. The star of the update, as we’ve previously covered, is the new fishing system. “Cast a line into Albion’s rivers, lakes and oceans to gather fish, then cook them into meals, enhance other foods, or sell them in the Marketplace,” Sandbox Interactive says. “Different biomes and settings offer different types of fish, as do freshwater and saltwater. Explore an all-new Destiny Board path and discover new fishing gear. Seek out rare fish that offer increased bonuses and hunt for sunken treasures all across Albion.”

The update also includes a big overhall for the guild UI and other quality-of-life guild features, new hellgates, new artifact armor, combat tweaks, improved game performance, roaming mobs, a new expedition, and the launch of the second GvG season.

Current and lapsed players will be happy to know that logging in between now and March 19th will nab you seven free days of premium sub time, so go have a looksee.

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Thomas Zervogiannis

This is still probably the best “fantasy eve online lite” alternative for those that want a virtual world with its politics, drama, economy and pvp. It is encouraging that the devs keep putting out content (with this update, fishing, roaming mobs etc) at regular intervals, but it is also worrying that they fail to address main concerns of the player base. As far as I (and a measurable number of other players) are concerned:

– Performance, while slightly improved, still leaves a lot to be desired. The micro-stuttering, even in low-pop or single player instances, is still present. I am not sure how ZvZ has improved, my last ZvZ was pre-Kay, and I keep hearing conflicting opinions.

– World layout is still a mess. Caerleon is still the only relevant city, making the world seem tiny and one-dimensional. Lancelot’s Luxury goods is supposed to address that by providing a small motivation for the players to haul them to the 5 other biome cities, but I would bet beforehand that it will fail. They killed locality of resources (and inter-city trading/hauling with it) by introducing fast travel portals between the cities and they finished off all 5 biome cities (which are now ghost cities) by removing the nearby ports to the black zones in favor of Caerleon’s black zone portal. At this point, a proper fix would also be risky due to spreading the already low population thin.

– Many core players and early supporters who were sold on a fantasy single-shard open world paradigm and were promised something similar to EVE online are pissed by the introduction of instanced content (arenas/expeditions) which seem to get a lot of the devs’ attention compared to open world content.

– Players are still asked to PAY themselves to provide a trial for a friend. They are asked to PAY to advertise S.I.’s game, which is utterly ridiculous.

– Lancelot’s Tomes of insight (which resemble skill injectors in EVE in some ways) have provoked a civil war between the fan base (with concerns for P2W and power snowballing effects)

– There is still lots of doom and gloom because of the low population.

I stand by my opinion: I still consider it a good game, I like it and follow its news, but I do not play it at the moment and would hesitate recommending it, simply because there are better alternatives out there and its future is uncertain. Competition is tough and the S.I. devs need to address the more pressing issues in order for the game to survive.


This game is great… not my main MMO but I play it consistently, and on the iPad Pro it’s so much fun and can go anywhere with me.

Melissa McDonald

“week of sub play” has different meanings around the intarwebz.


I’ve finally come around on Albion. I have about 20 hours on my character, and I’m still having fun playing, learning, and making mistakes. :)