Final Fantasy XIV kicks the latest Feast season with the promise of a well-known boss mount

punch punch
If you’re taking part in the sequential seasons of the Feast in Final Fantasy XIV, you want a mount worthy of your willingness to punch your fellow adventurers in the teeth. Season 7 is kicking off on March 13th, and for players who place in the top 100, the development team feels a suitably impressive reward awaits in the form of… the second boss of the final dungeon in Ala Mhigo.

All right, the chair of that boss.

The second boss is only a minor player in the storyline, but his voice clips alone make him a memorable fight, and he also spends the fight riding around on a fantastic magitek lounger the whole time. Place well enough in the competitive Feast arena, you may be able to fly it around yourself. It’s a fine way to kick back after getting your kicks.