Blade & Soul’s Fire & Blood update is making hardmode dungeons worth your while

So what’s in Blade & Soul’s Fire & Blood patch next week, other than way too many ampersands that our CMS can’t properly parse? Oh nothing much, just a crapton of new dungeons and an overhaul of hard mode. In its preview piece today, NCsoft details all that and more.

For starters, hard mode is getting a lot more lucrative. “We’ve received pretty consistent feedback from players feeling they could use a boost to account for the added challenge,” says the company. It’s added much more high-end loot to multiple hard-difficulty dungeons, some tradeable and some not. A few easier dungeons will become normal dungeons too, mind you, as NCsoft argues they’re “a little long in the tooth,” but they will keep their hard-mode rewards for normal mode, so that’s pretty nice for casuals.

Blade & Soul fans can also look forward to quality-of-life adjustments to existing dungeons, a cost realignment for weapon upgrades, and an overhaul to a number of skill-related mechanics, including a reduction in Hongmoon Skill costs and a skill balancing pass that’ll bring the western version of the game to parity with the eastern. Check it out in the official dev blog!

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Well, these will make for some interesting changes in how dungeons are run, at a minimum.

Hard Mode rewards for Normal Mode older dungeons? Heh Guess the dungeon train will start there.

And it looks like additional tweaks to gear.

This is a much bigger update than I thought.

New Story content
New Dungeon
New Raid
Tweaks and changes to systems and dungeons.

Not bad for a begin of the year refresh.

Indigo Salma

Play’d it a few days ago, game added so much content and game systems i just got overwhelmed and logged out …. Its confusing when you don’t keep up with a game after months of added content.


I think NC squeezed 6 years worth of changes into a little over a year so they could get the game on par with the original Eastern version. After this patch, should bring our version up to speed. So they might be some time for players such as yourself to catch up as all the renovation dust settles. But I entirely know where you are coming from in this regards…for what that is worth.


Well, if you are willing to come back, Uta and I can help. It’ doesn’t take much really.

Forget the old rng monster while leveling and just quest. You get everything you need that way.


You forgot the most important part…

“Blade & Soul: Fire and Blood arrives March 21, and along with Koldrak’s Lair, the Emperor’s Tomb, Lyn Gunslingers, and Legend Mode, there are a number of adjustments and changes to existing systems.”

…note the emphasis (which is mine). <3


Got my character slot ready! I think I’ll make him as little as possible. So in combat all you will see is guns with feet.