Blade & Soul’s Fire & Blood update is making hardmode dungeons worth your while

So what’s in Blade & Soul’s Fire & Blood patch next week, other than way too many ampersands that our CMS can’t properly parse? Oh nothing much, just a crapton of new dungeons and an overhaul of hard mode. In its preview piece today, NCsoft details all that and more.

For starters, hard mode is getting a lot more lucrative. “We’ve received pretty consistent feedback from players feeling they could use a boost to account for the added challenge,” says the company. It’s added much more high-end loot to multiple hard-difficulty dungeons, some tradeable and some not. A few easier dungeons will become normal dungeons too, mind you, as NCsoft argues they’re “a little long in the tooth,” but they will keep their hard-mode rewards for normal mode, so that’s pretty nice for casuals.

Blade & Soul fans can also look forward to quality-of-life adjustments to existing dungeons, a cost realignment for weapon upgrades, and an overhaul to a number of skill-related mechanics, including a reduction in Hongmoon Skill costs and a skill balancing pass that’ll bring the western version of the game to parity with the eastern. Check it out in the official dev blog!

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