Final Fantasy XI brings in new Dynamis and relic reforging

The newest update to Final Fantasy XI means the end of the game’s Dynamis – Divergence areas with the addition of Jeuno, thus allowing players to explore the twisted reflections of the prior twisted reflections. Lots of twisting and reflections, in short. Of course, you can get new rewards by doing so, namely the chance to reforge your relic legs and body pieces by taking part in the new content. If you’re eager for new challenges, it’s right there for you to enjoy.

Players are also able to take on a new set of foes in Ambuscade and explore the latest set of Records of Eminence updates for the game’s anniversary. There are also the usual bug fixes, usability improvements, and a few items losing their exclusive tag for convenience’s sake. Check out the full patch notes and get ready to start exploring as the game happily hums along.

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