Snail’s voxel survivalbox PixARK launches into early access on March 27


Voxel fans, dinosaur fiends, and survival sandbox freaks have surely had their eyes on PixARK since its original announcement last summer. It’s one of Snail’s many (many!) ARK Survival Evolved spinoffs, and the company has just hardened up its early access release date: March 27th. That’s for both Steam and Xbox One. “PixARK will be coming to retail and digital on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox One X later in 2018,” Snail says.

We previously noted that in spite of its cutesy graphics, it seemed like much more of a cutthroat survivalbox than its closest MMO cognates, but development on Steam suggests plenty of sandbox builder goodness too. Snail is touting both single-player and online multiplayer, collections, base-building, character progression, character customization, procedurally generated worlds, a sandbox mode, eight biomes, and 100 dinos and critters to “tame, train, and ride.”

There’s a new trailer to celebrate the occasion, naturally. It’s down below.

Source: Press release

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Sigh snail’s cancer is spreading

Indigo Salma

I really want this.
Looks like something i’d play for weeks.

Kane Hart

Is this not a intentional copyright issue? It’s one to have a game like another game but to have the logo and title of it very near the actual game lol.


Depending on what you read either Snail Games owns Studio Wilcard or they licensed the ARK brand (and possibly the ARK codebase). In Snail’s announcement they say “partnered with”:

Dogehn Olszta

In December 2015 Studio Wildcard merged into Snail Games USA as a subsidiary. Studio Wildcard continues to operate autonomously in day to day operations, but the two studios have partnered together on several survival games.

While neither studio has gone into detail it seems that Studio Wildcard is handling some of the XBox One related items; such as the Game Preview steam from 3/10.

PixARK builds its voxel landscape with a mixture of biomes and creatures from ARK and some new-to-the-ARK creatures from Snails fantasy survival game, Dark and Light. With PixARK Snail Games is opening up the IP to a younger audience and a more casual adult crowd; and they’re maintaining the modding support which is what makes most survival games have long lifespans.

To be fair, I am excited to play PixArk. I run the official reddit for it and the unofficial Discord. We’ve got a bunch of people excited about the game. Anyone is welcome to join. :)