Crowfall might put your head on a stick

How it all works.

Haven’t lived up to your potential? Suffered the wrath of your enemies and paid the price for your folly? You could very well end up with your character’s head on a stick in Crowfall. That’s just the risk that you take in waging an eternal battle.

Heads on sticks is but part of the developer discussion over the new Pre-Alpha 5 patch. The team also discussed bandages, durability penalties, eternal kingdom building placement, ethereal dust gathering, and various fixes that went into place with this patch. Testers should be pleased to note that every character now gets up to three ring slots and two amulet slots to help with gear loadouts.

Check out the video after the break, even if you’re not testing! You can always imagine you are and then, we don’t know, go slam some action figures together to pretend you’re fighting in this game.

Source: Crowfall

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you can see an example of beheading and skull collection in action here (

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Space Captain Zor

Reminds me of ear-collecting in Diablo

Rheem Octuris

5.5, not 5.0. 5.0 has been around for a while now.

Indigo Salma

I bought into it since they announced major PVE content update.
Really love the crafting system, feels like something fresh in a sense.
Not to mention the class system, the Guinecean XD .


beware the spider queen or she will dance on your corpse!