TERA’s Male Brawler is here, as are free character slots

Feel like punching something hard in the face? Then get over to TERA, where the Male Brawler has joined his female counterpart in the game’s lineup.

The Male Brawler has his own style and moves as he throws punches with his giant powerfists (that’s a thing, we didn’t make that up). He comes alongside of a few other features in this update, including the re-balanced Ruinous Manor dungeon, seven new hairstyles, and PvP leaderboards.

En Masse is throwing a series of events for the remainder of the month to celebrate the patch. These include handing out a free character slot from now through March 20th, a “level up box” for Male Brawlers leveled to 15, and a couple of weekend warriors events that pay out in free lootboxes.

Source: TERA


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Tera adds a class that isn’t gender locked to female? Whoa, WHOA. What’s going on? Is the world ending?

Jake Henderson

They are actually just adding a second gender to the already female-only Brawler class. But you’re right, this is something unheard of from them.