Blade & Soul’s newest raid pits you against a sacred dragon

It’s probably not the most encouraging of signs when a trailer for an MMO’s newest raid mostly features player characters lying down following a wipe. But then again, what do you expect when your party is going toe-to-toe with a very sacred, very powerful dragon?

Welcome to Koldrak’s Lair, the latest 12-player raid coming to Blade & Soul. Level 55 characters can form teams and queue up for the raid at certain times during the day. It’s here they’ll fight the titular Koldrak, a flame dragon that has since succumbed to Dark Chi. The fight is time-limited to 50 minutes each, with the opportunity to down this boss five times each day.

It won’t be easy, as chunks of ice will be falling and Koldrak will try to sweep players off into lava with his tail. Successful fights will pay off in a variety of powerful treasure, depending on a player’s damage contribution (there are no dedicated tanks or healers in this game). There’s also a daily quest that rewards players with XP and the new dragon scale currency.

Koldrak’s Lair is coming with the Fire and Blood update on March 21st.

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as petty as this sounds the lack of quality of life features in this game drive me insane.

I remember grinding for some costume parts, i had hundreds of orbs ready to turn in to a massive spin wheel…that you had to spin ONE BY ONE!! And only 1 person could use it at a time…nerve wracking !! OK finally spin all my tries and open up a bunch of rune pieces i dont need…np I’ll break them down….ONE BY ONE with a cool down inbetween each one…I had hundreds of the darn things.

I cant stand games that dont value your time as a player, should be able to instantly spin the wheel and there needs to be an option to mass break down things. As of the gunner patch it was the same thing…bleh


It isn’t petty. It is frustrating, I know.

Most of that stuff is now gone. You spin wheels only occasionally if you want too, and the costumes are full sets. And the really cool costumes don’t drop from wheels anymore.

In addition, the rng for weapons and gear as you are leveling is now gone too. So, you can just do the main quests and cruise through the story. BnS went from one of the most anti-alt games to one of the most alt friendly.

I was a relief, and that is why I stick around.


So, 5 more chapters to the story with this next update. Another endgame dungeon. A new 12 man single boss raid. QoL improvements. And the Lyn Gunner.

YES please!

My new Lyn Gunner is going dark side, which means Red. So creating a new Clan for Reds with Utas help.

Running Black Tower raid weekly with a slot reserved on a competitive clan group.

And, a few alts are just about ready to tackle the higher tier content. My gunner is running top tier already even though it is my newest toon, to date.

Welp. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I may dabble in Sea of Thieves but… it better be good. LOL


Wait…there’s dragons in this game? o.O


Yup. Want to meet one?


…as long as it at a safe distance. :)


Hmm. This is one of those times I can’t guarantee your safety. Lol.

On the other hand, it looks like the raid will be open to all. It is event driven, so it will happen certain times of day or night and a little counter will pop up to let you know when to que up for it.

So… if you are willing, I will click on the pop up at the same time you do and we can go in and see what is what.

The good news is, most of us will be starry eyed newbs in there. The bad news is many of us will probably be dead starry eyed newbs in short order.