EVE Online, Star Trek Online, and Elite Dangerous players memorialize physicist Stephen Hawking


Multiple MMORPG communities are celebrating the life of internationally renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who passed away earlier this week.

In EVE Online, players came together yesterday to “spend a little ozone for one of the brightest minds humanity has ever had” by gathering in the same spot, setting aside personal grievances and ongoing wars, and literally lighting up the game in tribute. Reddit is filled with screenshots of the occasion, but here’s the one CCP retweeted:

Star Trek Online players across Reddit and the official Arc forums have been petitioning Cryptic to add Hawking, who played himself in a cameo on The Next Generation, to the in-game memorial that celebrates other people who worked on the franchise and contributed to science and science-fiction.

And over in Elite Dangerous, the massive wall of o7s will surely make you tear up. Players are requesting that Frontier add some sort of memorialships and stations have been suggested – and one group of players put together a tribute meeting that was summarily disrupted by trolls who will be given not a single bit more attention (but seriously Frontier get rid of these people already what’s wrong with you).


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Frontier is capitalizing on dead celebrities, now why is this getting deleted one might question.

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Fun Stephen Hawking story (I hope) — my late friend, David Petro (RIP, dear pal) was attending university in England at the same time Hawking was working at his campus.

Late one night, after midnight, David is walking home, and he sees Professor Hawking ostensibly driving home as well — driving his wheelchair right down the middle of the road! :-)

David said to me that he got a look at Hawking’s face and, even though Stephen’s face was not traditionally expressive — he could tell that the professor was simply weary and annoyed, and had decided to take the easiest path to where he was headed — the flat, accessible road — especially since this was the middle of the night on those narrower, older-English-style roads.

Sure enough, David said, any cars that came along weren’t honking or anything, they just sort of carefully drove around Hawking once they recognized his wheels, while he determinedly plowed on down the middle of the road.

David said to me he just started laughing. He could imagine the professor with a banner over him as he drove on, reading, “Yes, I’m Stephen Hawking, physics genius, so I’ll drive where I want, and get outta my damn way!!!” :-D

Rest in peace, Professor. Hope you made it home safely and well, both then and now.


A brief history of time…

R.I.P. Mr. Hawking. /bows

Bruno Brito

I think this sentence is more fitting of Stephen than the corrupt politician who said it:

“Now, i leave life to enter History.”

Kane Hart

ED and the way people acted there is the reason I’m so tired of PvP MMORPG’s. I miss organized fun PvP the only organized PvP there seems to be now in games is for pure “LuLs”. It’s annoying and just not fun anymore and kind of pathetic. What is worse is I always assumed at one point their 12 they will grow up.. But then i found out most these people are adults the ones sitting there on CoD calling little kids names lol…

What a sad world we live in.

Bruno Brito

Wait, what does that have to do with this in-memoriam?

IronSalamander8 .

What an awesome way to remember the great Stephen Hawking. I was saddened by his loss to the planet and the scientific community specifically when I heard about it yesterday. He will certainly be missed.

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Considering his physical state – I was always very surprised he lived as long as he did.

Bruno Brito

So was he. Guy was a fighter.


Likewise, iirc he only given a couple of years after his initial diagnosis. That he managed to get 50+ additional years is pretty damn amazing.


Seriously, dude was a living miracle with how he was basically expected to die in his 20’s.