Otherland formally announces new expansion, Fire Isle, coming this summer


Otherland’s promised summer expansion is definitely happening, according to a press release from Drago this morning. It’s called Fire Isle, it’s themed around Chinese mythology, and it’s launching this summer.

“Fire Isle introduces a brand-new storyline about the legendary Fire Army including a broken nation that focuses on a large scale civil war. Players will meet up with their old friend SweetieCheng to follow her and the true leader of the isle in their quest to bring an end to the war and getting back on track with the ultimate goal – battling the Celestial Dragon. On their upcoming adventure players will cross the unique landscape of Fire Isle seamed by streams of lava and igneous rocks to face many new challenges. With a total of ten new areas and 60 new story-driven quests, Drago Entertainment is extending the storyline by six new chapters, promising hours of exciting entertainment and exploration coming this summer.”

Since our first impressions piece of the beta back in 2015, the game has popped up and down on Steam multiple times, emerged from early access, gone free-to-play, died, been resurrected, and made it onto our list of the worst-squandered IPs in online gaming. Most recently, Drago has talked up its UI redesign, zone revamps, May quest patch, and this very expansion. We also took a relook at the game last summer after its big overhaul.

Source: Press release
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Castagere Shaikura

Has anyone tried this game lately or are we just sticking to its bad because it was last year or the last time i played or that’s what i heard?


I’m a big fan of Tad Williams’ novels, but somehow – without ever trying the MMORPG – I have a quite negative opinion about this title… there was so much negative press about it, Steam Reviews are terrible and I don’t know a single person who had to say something positive about this game (and I know a number of mmorpg addicts)…

Is someone here actively playing this game?

Andy McAdams
Kickstarter Donor
Andy McAdams

I tried … I really really tried because I love the Otherland series and I just … couldn’t get into it. At all. I don’t recall anything specific about why I couldn’t get into it but I only made it an hour or so before I bailed


It’s just BAAAD.

Hydlide S

Look. I don’t wanna be that guy but, maybe they can fix the combat and the fact that most people can’t even login before they work on an expansion?