TERA kicks off a second console beta on March 16

It is also not the same as a box in which a lady shows a great deal of skin. No idea how Dr. Skinner would have felt about that.
The second open beta for TERA’s console edition arrives on March 16th, but if you weren’t part of the first test, you won’t be part of the second. Seriously, it’s only available to testers from the first round, that’s just the way it is. (One could argue that isn’t the definition of an “open” beta, but let’s not quibble.) Of course, it’s also running for only two days, so it’s more about being around for stress tests as well as putting a variety of bug fixes and UI improvements to the test for veterans.

The level cap for this test has been buffed to 58, with players able to unlock the Reaper class once they successfully hit level 40. (Whether or not you should fear it is an open question.) Taking part will also net participants a Blue Angel Halo, if you needed a little extra bribery to get you motivated. So pop on in and see if the changes have significantly improved the experience of playing the game.


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I’ll admit I enjoyed the beta on PS4 even with the crashing. I was doubtful about a console port, but it felt really natural


All of the stuff from the last beta I was hoping to keep you lose, so it’s nice that this time they are making it a little more worth your while. The Blue Angel Halo is something testers while get once the game launches.