World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth opens up island expeditions for testing

Burn it, sure.

One of the big features of World of Warcraft’s next expansion is available for testing now, the island expeditions. If you’ve wondered what it’ll be like to venture into randomly-generated regions in the hopes of finding spectacular rewards (meaning Azerite), you can try that out right now! Assuming you’re in the Battle for Azeroth alpha, anyhow. Everyone else is just going to have to wait.

The latest build for the alpha test also contains the long-awaited posture switch option for male Orcs, allowing them to stand upright rather than hunching over perpetually. It also adds in a new cat form for the Zandalari and what appears to be a bear form for Kul Tiran druids, fueling speculation that Kul Tiran humans are both on their way as an allied race and that they will address the imbalance of Druid options currently in the game. It’s not confirmed, obviously, it could just be a weird bear, but what’s life without some fun speculation?

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