Blizzard teases decks in Hearthstone and characters in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard teases decks in Hearthstone and characters in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm

It’s time for a whole lot of new characters to smash into the fray in Blizzard’s various multiplayer offerings. Hearthstone doesn’t have characters, per se, but it does have deck types, and the game’s next expansion is delivering a whole new deck type with Odds & Evens. Yes, that’s where you have an entire deck consisting of cards with odd costs or even costs; you can check out the video below for more elaboration.

Overwatch, of course, does have new characters. Specifically, it has Brigitte, who as it turns out will be arriving in the game on March 20th. If you’ve been looking forward to playing the smashy warrior-healer on the live game, you’ll have your chance very soon.

Last but not least, the Heroes of the Storm team is promising another new hero in the form of Fenix, a character from StarCraft who got killed in the first few missions. Later, he came back in a giant spider robot carrying his dead body. (He was a Dragoon. It makes sense in context.) So that’s also fun, although we warn you that teams might not appreciate you saying “I return to serve” every time you respawn.

Source: YouTube, Twitter via Blizzard Watch, Rock Paper Shotgun

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Randy Savage

Brigitte isn’t even out yet and she’s already been subjected to Rule 34. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Grave Knight

Fenix honestly should be in every Blizzard game. I don’t care what game it is. Fenix should be in WoW. He should be in Overwatch. Blizzard, just put him in all your games.

John Mynard

WoW’s easy, just add a dragoon battle pet named Fen. Overwatch, I could see him being a “trophy” on the wall or in a painting.

But I’m not a huge fan of the game portion of Overwatch because I play Warframe and nothing feels “right”. Why can’t Reinhardt jab with his hammer while he’s blocking? Why does everyone move so slowly? Why does everyone feel like they have wet toilet paper for armor? It’s not fun to me because it bends too much to be a game and all the characters feel same-y.


Great news about Fenix in Heart of the Storm. He is my favorite char from StarCraft!!