Mimics take over DDO, players terrified to open chests

Usually the sight of a fat, treasure-laden chest is a source of joy for Dungeons and Dragons Online players. It’s where most of the game’s loot is found, as mobs don’t drop items, and usually everyone goes out of their way to find them in dungeons.


For the next week, mimics — creatures that look like treasure chests but are in fact incredibly hungry monsters — have invaded the game and insinuated themselves into dungeons to surprise the unwary adventurer. Once defeated, mimics pay out the normal loot along with a special token that can be redeemed for rewards.

Don’t like the whole mimic hunt event? Players can get sprayed with repellent (seriously) that will disable mimics on sight and opt them out of the fun. The event is running for a short time, only through March 21st.

Source: DDO. Thanks DDOCentral!
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There is a named mimic Casko in Army of Shadow quest, what a surprise when he killed me. Fun tims I love the mimic monsters. http://m.ddowiki.com/page/Casko

Mike Minier

How much would someone have to spend to buy all the current expansions and stuff? Counting a subscription as well, what would be the total?


The paid expansions periodically go on sale at 75% off, so you might wait until the next sale – maybe this fall or winter. A subscription is $99 per year.


Good tImes


Monsters do drop Treasure Bags that contain collectibles, but not full items.

David Goodman

Oh man, I’ve wpied because of opening a chest that was a mimic on an epic/elite quest before without preparing for it. Those bastards are tough.

Looking forward to it, though.