MMORPG Runes of Magic celebrations nine years of operation with daily gifts

Seriously? Huh.

Can you believe that Runes of Magic has been operating for nine years now? That’s a long time. Like… well, like nine years, actually. The important thing is that it’s been running for a while, and you can reap the benefits for the anniversary. For one thing, you can take part in a screenshot competition with your guild; the three best submissions of anniversary parties within each game region will be rewarded with a variety of useful items.

Of course, you can also be rewarded with useful items just for logging in; a new present will wind up in the mailbox of the first character you log in with from March 16th to March 19th. There’s also a 200% boost to quest experience, a 200% boost to drop rates, and a whopping 500% boost to talent points from combat. So after nine years, you’ll be getting a big dose of progress improvement in a short span of time. Get in there and start celebrating.


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Mikka Hansen

one of the founding fathers of pay to win in west


I tried playing this game a few months ago. Like tried for real. What I value in MMOs are varied zones that I can explore. So I finished the starting zone of the humans, which is surprisingly similar to Elwynn Forest. I was explecting the second zone to look like Westfall. Wrong! It looks like another forest, this time the oak trees were changed into pine trees. Third zone? Pine forest with snow (IIRC). That’s when I deleted the game.

Castagere Shaikura

Game still has massive memory leak like it had at launch. CTD is a feature in this game.

Chosenxeno .

The Game that made “Pay to Win” a buzz phrase.


This article surprised me. I had forgotten this game existed. Good for them making it 9 years.


I played this game for a while a long time ago. Must have been 7 or 8 years. It’s nice to see that it’s apparently still alive.

As far as I remember it was a pretty solid game, albeit a more or less obvious WoW clone. It had some distinctive features though, they had a pretty decent housing system early on if I remember correctly.