Ship of Heroes looks at ways to boost performance on older computers


While it is certainly too early for Ship of Heroes to be posting its full system requirements, the team did discuss some of the graphics options that it has included to boost performance on older or less capable machines. These include reducing the resolution, turning shadows off, and using pull-down menus.

The forum post discussing this stressed that optimization is a work in progress and that improvements and changes are being made all of the time. The trickiest aspect is, obviously, to allow the client and server to handle multiple players in the same area simultaneously.

“Most dev teams really spend the last few months trying to optimize in a sudden rush before launch,” the team said.

“We’re working on these issues throughout development. This extra work kind of annoys our coders and artists, to be honest, but we think it is important to plan and implement our plan as we go, and not to rely on fixing under-performing systems and processes at the last minute. We will likely end up fixing things at the last minute anyway, but the year+ that we’ve been focused on optimization already gives us a better starting point than many MMOs.”


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Magnus Itland

This is a terrible time to release a game that is not optimized. The plague of cryptocurrency mining has vacuumed the market for graphics cards and pressed up the prices for those that are available. I hope I can play the game with my GT240 card when December comes. If it can run Black Desert Online, it should be able to run this, I think. If it follows the City of Heroes model, a lot of the action will be instanced, which should also help.

Kickstarter Donor

This surprised me somewhat because lets face it this game is FAR from pushing the graphical envelope, at least from what we have seen so far. I guess even with computer games you cannot judge a book by its cover lol clearly more going on between the pages.

Bryan Turner

Look, I’m amazed something like this is developing, a lot of heart and soul goes into these projects, how ever this looks like a previous generation MMO according to the avatars and environments I’ve seen so I wouldn’t think a game like this requires a beast of a rig (looks like my toaster could run this at Mac settings).

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

The irony being that a lot of those older games still run pretty poorly even today and desperately need optimizing they aren’t ever going to see, hah. I get so frustrated at UO’s clunky clients even today. I’m glad they’re doing this now.

Castagere Shaikura

Trying to run Anarchy Online on a modern system is a lot of work.