Conan Exiles talks currencies, map rooms, and the armor rebalance

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If you missed last week’s Conan Exiles stream, you actually missed some good stuff. The big news centers on the economic system en route for the game. Funcom explains that players will be able to find and trade – and even forge – different types of coinage and currencies, as well as trade with NPC merchants and thrall-traders, chiefly in the Unnamed City, which is due for quite the overhaul with new NPCs. Fast travel will also be possible via craftable map rooms.

Players should also expect changes to armor and the dodging system: Don’t expect to be dodging around like mad if you’re wearing the heaviest armor in the game, but heavy armor will be much better at protecting you. Perks and attributes are further up for changes so everyone’s not walking around with max health and armor.

“There will be attempts toward balance, but we’re never gonna be perfect,” Funcom’s Joel Bylos quips.

Also live this week are Conan Exiles’ new forums on the Funcom site; the company has been rolling out the new boards for all of its games over the past few months.

Source: YouTube,, Reddit. Thanks so much, Kinya!

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Darrin Fesperman

Actually the merchants are going to be at the Relic Hunter City, not the Unnamed City.


The combat update is brilliant, not sure if it moved to the live-environment yet but combat became much more entertaining, varied and interesting with it and afaik is the current combat system on the Testlive not the final version.


Glad for the armor rebalance, but I’m never happy to see fast travel systems included in such games.

Perhaps mods will come out to manage and limit that sort of thing to a tasteful degree.


Funcom will never be perfect….

Truer words were never spoken….

Still, might have to try this out eventually.

Toy Clown

I’m on the verge of picking this game up, since the price will go up on it’s official release. Now to find a private server to play on, which is the only thing that has me iffy about the game. But I’ll try it!