Grab your free skins in Closers’ brand-new Pandimensional update

Closers fans are being kept busy today thanks to En Masse’s latest endeavor. The latest patch is called the Pandimensional Update, and it’s got everything: buffs, new cosmetics, rocket wings, a level cap bump to 75, more potion crafting, a small plum (!), and alternative versions of all the classes.

“The alternate, pandimensional Closers have come over to our world! After a brief (but heated) debate, the Closers are turning to their peers to settle the score! Players will be able to put in a vote every two days in two different polls, culminating in the announcement of the best boy and girl. Once voting has ended, every player will receive a code for a free in-game poster, featuring the winners, that they can place in their housing areas.”

Do note that the Pandimensional skins are free; you just have to manually change your character skin to grab them. They’re available only through April 2nd.

Source: Official site, press release

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these are just 2d cut-ins. they don’t change how your actual character looks.

elswoosh used to have a similar thing as an april fools.


You can ALWAYS tell how good an MMO is doing based on how much free stuff they give away.


It is pretty busy, and this is the 4th region (?) they’ve expanded into. The game is doing great in Korea, Japan, China and I think one other.

What wasn’t noted is there’s a ton of stuff being given to new accounts starting today. So if you’re interested in the game now is a good time.

I’m not usually a beat ’em up kind of person, but the combat is so enjoyable and has so much great impact that I find myself going back again and again for quick fun.

Jack Kerras

Not ’til you get rid of your energy system.

That’s bad for everyone, yourselves included. Stop doing it.


I’ve been playing for a few weeks now, and have yet to find the fatigue system anywhere close to a problem. I have hit cap on individual characters a few times, but gotten nowhere near the account cap.

All in all, it is a pretty minimal problem.

Etharion Ethie

Note that for some people it doesn’t matter how feasible it is to actually hit that cap. If the system exists, they won’t play. Having said that, I’m with you Crow; the only possible way I can hit the fatigue cap on a character is to absolutely no life playing the game, and I’ve never hit the account cap, only an individual character cap (which just resets the next day anyway).