Massively OP Podcast Episode 162: The Morninglight wants you


On this week’s show, Bree and Justin infiltrate Secret World Legends’ Morninglight, dig into yet another progression server, wonder how many allied races World of Warcraft is going to introduce, and get all nostalgic over the original Guild Wars.

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I think there are a couple more bits from TSW that aren’t in SWL, besides all the holiday missions – the Manufactory dungeon beneath Orochi Tower with the big robot scorpion (which I don’t think they’ve said anything about), and a whole bunch of Faction missions (which they’ve said will be reintroduced “at some point”). And did they ever get round to Elite versions of the Transylvania dungeons in SWL?

Loyal Patron
Skai R

Upright orcs are in the alpha and you can go to the barbershop and get your back fixed.

Duey Bear

Barbers are also chiropractors in Azeroth.


Thank you for Gorgon rant, that’s all i have :-)

Duey Bear

Habichts is pronounced like it’s German, ha-bikts. They are based on Holy Roman Empire. The Union humans are more based on Italians.
Sylvan Elves are the “High Elves” and the Union’s Aqua Elves are the “Low Elves”
Lupus are heavily based on Pre-Christian Slavic and/or medieval Shamanistic Siberians.
Mascu are Victorianesque steampunk.
The Pantera (the more catlike Union counterpart of the Lupus) are tribal desert warriors.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Sneaking this in before I forget it: I figured out my problem in Trove; it was gems. I had some slotted, but I hadn’t realized just HOW huge they are when you’ve leveled up stellar and radiant ones. If you’re thinking of gems as being like sockets in other games like I was, don’t make that mistake. I pulled my good gems out of my storage and leveled them up, and even after I ran out of dust, these new babies basically tripled my health and power rank, meaning I’m now steamrolling stuff several levels up. Kind of a game-changer, and I bet I can rescue some of my abandoned toons now.


Gear upgrades are a strange thing. I don’t do hardly any DnD type things so when I’ve been playing something for hours and they want to sell me a +1 sword and it only costs nearly everything I’ve saved up to that point I really have to wonder about the efficacy and the return on the investment.

Bruno Brito

Well, magic stuff are expensive.