Super Adventure Box returns to Guild Wars 2 on March 29, balance patch lands March 27

My kid has been pestering me about Super Adventure Box for months now, and finally I’ll be able to tell him just when the April Fools’ Day gag will return to Guild Wars 2: March 29th. That’s according to ArenaNet’s brief little posting on the official site today.

“As always, the festival will center around the edutainment Super Adventure Box from Moto, and what awaits players inside. Anyone who ventures into the Super Adventure Box will test their mettle against fearsome foes and perplexing puzzles in pursuit of shiny baubles. Take up your trusty, pointy stick and join us in Creator’s Commons of Rata Sum on March 29 to venture back into Tyria‚Äôs most beloved simulation.”

SAB runs through April 19th, but it’s not the only content on the calendar, of course; the studio also notes that season 11 for the PvP League will run from April 3rd to May 29th. And the promised balance update will come out a few days before all that on March 27th.

Hope you sold off all last year’s droppables in prep for this year’s loot? Any speculation on new goodies on the way?

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