Lord of the Rings Online releases secret goat quest

Leave it to the sly folks at Standing Stone Games to slip a little spring surprise into Lord of the Rings Online.

The studio behind the Middle-earth MMO teased players with the foreknowledge that there would be a special and secret event on March 21st. In quick order, the community rooted it out and discovered that it was a quest that led to the acquisition of a new type of armored goat mount. Cue lots of collaboration between players and servers to solve the puzzle.

The particular quest is called The Secret Stone and requires players to have completed the introduction to Northern Mirkwood. To complete the quest, riddles and codes will need to be solved, but the community has already done the heavy lifting on that if you want the answers.

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Might have to give this a shot. Would also encourage me to finish leveling my current character. Sounds like she needs about 15 levels to be where this questline is available.


Getting a mount via a questline in a f2p MMORPG – imagine that.