Ship of Heroes turns a critical eye to February’s combat alpha


Last month, Ship of Heroes ran its first alpha combat test with backers, and it was a blast (literally). With enough time to process the test, the studio put together a dev blog that shared what it has learned from the combat alpha to use in development going forward.

There are many critical notes that the devs provide, such as this one: “Enemies should attack relentlessly. We have already begun an enemy AI upgrade. This upgrade will be affected by the poll results you’ve given us on this subject. Our goal to is to add a new level of challenge to the AI.”

Heroic Games said that it will be polling the community for several decisions that need to be made about adjusting the combat. There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself, so check out February’s combat alpha highlights after the superjump!


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Isn’t that MJ as the Yoga Pants Witch?

Otherwise, this gives me massive Feelz!

Keep at it guys!


+1 to this. As soon as the team rolled out I was smiling. Doesnt matter if movement animations are still a little janky or the spell effects haven’t been smoothed out yet. It looks fun :)