Chronicles of Elyria demos its character creator in front of a live studio audience


Who’s ready to look super-duper freaky? Chronicles of Elyria, that’s who!

The in-development indie MMO demonstrated the first iteration of its character creation system in a livestream yesterday. The character creation is coming with the game’s 0.2.0 release.

The team is obviously proud of the wide selection of faces and body types available to represent the game’s different “tribes” of humans. Want a sturdy chin? Anime-style eyes? Deformations that will haunt you late tonight when you are trying to sleep? And unless you’re dying to know how the team feels about their precious coffeepot, you’ll want to skip ahead to minute 11 on the video for the scoop on character creation.

Source: Twitter

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Looks really good, it is coming along. ;)

Robert Mann

Skip to 15 if you want to actually skip a lot more talking with little meat. XD

Dug From The Earth

Wish there were more than just humies, but otherwise looks nice.