Fractured’s alignment and karma systems put a spin on MMO PvP


Is it even possible to put the┬ádiametrically opposed playstyles of PvE and PvP into the same MMO game world and make it work? Well, obviously it’s been done in the past to varying degrees of success and failure, but the upcoming fantasy sandbox Fractured thinks that it has struck upon a “unique” solution that caters to both sides and the spectrum between.

Part of the team’s plan is to create three worlds with different rulesets (PvE, lawful PvP, and lawless PvP) so that players may choose the level of interplay between the two crowds. Another part of that solution is giving an alignment to each character.

Players may choose to align their character as good, neutral, or evil (although there are restrictions on this choice based on a player’s race, location, and karma rating). Good players cannot attack good or neutral players but can fight evil ones and gain karma for it. Characters who flag neutral can attack or steal from anyone, temporarily triggering an “aggressive” PvP state that will turn off after a few minutes. And then evil characters can fight anyone for any reason but will be targeted more than the other two states.

The full dev blog on this PvP system goes more into depth on the planetary types, the karma system, and how alignment flags work, so make sure to read up in order to figure out what style you’ll be playing come launch!

Source: Fractured

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Robert Mann

One of the things I thought could be promising here, is that you really can effectively avoid PvP. Granted, you have limited choice to do so… but I thought that including the option is important, and may be part of showing that there can and should be other ideas for sandbox gameplay beyond “Let them fight it out.”

To urcite
Toy Clown

Choices. I love choices. I’ll look forward to seeing how they implement this and how it works out.


Yeah, im keeping an eye on it for sure.