The Black Death has spawned an actual popularity contest


If you thought your days of losing popularity contests were over when you left school, think again! Indie survival sandbox The Black Death is bringing back your chance to do all the work on the class yearbook while some hunky loudmouth takes all the glory by asking its player testers to nominate and vote on each other’s contributions to the game. The studio says it’s a way to thank the community, letting the community “endorse” the people it thinks “have put a significant contribution to the development of The Black Death.”

“Today we would like to give YOU the opportunity to nominate your fellow players for the prestigious Founders title and a Gold name in game. That’s right, it is now you, the community, who will be choosing the Founders. We are still going to play a part in this, but it will be limited to making the final decisions on the top nominations, and those will be based completely on your feedback.”

So-annointed Founders will snag a gold title in-game and in Discord and find themselves lauded on the website too.

In other Black Death news, the studio’s noted it’s working on the new building system (complete with siege machinery like catapults). With the V0.26 patch launching a week from today, expect full server resets. “The wipe will clear ALL character saves and ALL Housing Saves on ALL official servers. This includes all unlocked recipes, un-spent skill points, held items, Gold, any owned Houses including Storage Chests and also Player owned Kingdoms,” the devs write.

Source: Dev blog, Steam

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I bought this game over a year ago, played it for ~60 hours since. It was a nice game at first glance, basically a multiplayer survival Skyrim. I really liked the “no magic” approach and the game world was really cool and nice to explore.

However, since then we had several “updates” that felt as if the devteam started from scratch. They completly changed underlying mechanics, skilltrees/classes, crafting, UI, everything. Now they’re working on a completly new building system, too? Please not. Just fix the problems with the current build such as laggy combat and various duping exploits.

Every couple of months I come back to see what this title is doing and every time it feels as if it is a completly different game. I don’t think the devteam has a really clear vision of the game they’re working on. They just play around and that’s really frustrating because you have no idea where the game is going.. Honestly, I think this could be a really great game, but only if they make up their minds, make a plan, make a roadmap and properly implement everything instead of restarting from literally zero every 6 months.


Part of that might be because it sounds like they don’t have much risk to worry about. From what I remember reading like a year ago, they had the funding necessary to see the game to completion. So maybe they’re taking advantage of that, or maybe they’re just trying to figure out what will sell best as maybe some of their initial ideas didn’t work out too well.

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Lol, understated but brilliant, Schlag! :)