League of Legends finally adds voice chat

For years now, we’ve been accepting our hostile insults and hyper-constructive criticism in League of Legends through team chat like chumps. Well, that’s all going to change with this week’s Patch 8.7, as the MOBA finally integrates voice chat into its game client. Now people can shout right in your ears what a loser you are!

Okay, that might be looking at this from a strictly negative perspective. Voice chat is obviously key to a tightly coordinated team, and while there are plenty of third-party options for League of Legends fans, it’s nice to know that the game will provide its own system for those who need it.

Riot Games resisted adding voice chat for almost a decade before now, saying that it was worried such a system would “lead to toxic behaviors.” It publicly changed its mind last year and began to work on such a system in the hopes that it would promote teamwork.

Source: PCGamesN
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