Bless says its excessive attention to environmental detail is in the service of immersion


With Bless Online due out on western shores this coming May, players who’ve never paid much attention to this Korean-born MMO may be wondering about how the world actually looks and feels, particularly since its overhaul overseas last year. That’s just what Neowiz is addressing in its latest Steam dev blog.

“We aimed to make something new but still stay true to the essence of fantasy worlds,” says the studio. “This philosophy guided our choices in deciding how to create the races, cities and other aspects of Bless. For example, when creating the dragons, we did a lot of research about the appearance of dragons in myths and legends before deciding that a ‘classic’ dragon type was the most suitable for the Bless fantasy world. In short, we wanted our audience to see a Bless dragon and say ‘Yes, that’s exactly what a dragon is,’ not ‘It looks like a dragon.'”

That goes for other fantasy critters too, like lizard people and the Naga – both of which are fleshed out with cultures and environments that actually “make sense in the world.” And Neowiz does acknowledge that those detailed environments are probably one of the game’s big draws – in particular, Spezia (inspired by Venice) and Hieracon (reminiscent of French gothic architecture).

Bless Online is a game that focuses on the often hidden, deep details of the world,” the studio argues. “Because of that, we believe that Bless is a more complex and interesting world, and players will be able to have a more immersive experience in it. ”

Don’t miss the launch announcement video and our interview on the game from last week! The images from today’s piece are down below.

Source: Steam

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Anthony Clark

They lost me with having to buy an item in their cash shop to unflag myself from PVP. Forced PVP is just wrong.


been playing this on the japanese client and sadly while some things do look nice it is running on dx9 and the graphics are a little outdated but still work. My biggest problem with this game is the optimization. It runs terrible on the jp client and I’m not sure what can be done to improve the performance of it. It needs A LOT of polish.

The combat is fine, some of the character animations are janky like walking backwards and attacking or how humans stand in combat looks like he is trying to do a split lol and how they walk. I want to like this game and it does have potential but sadly I think it just needs to much work and won’t vary that different than the jp client. I hope they surprise us all.

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Paragon Lost

Anyone designing and releasing an mmo-rpg who claims that they want to do service to immersion should first look to enforcing TOS policies that come down hard on players who are the biggest breakers of immersion.


To get an example of the cash shop go to bless source and check out what will most likely be in the NA cash shop. Crazy looking pets and mounts and a ton of micro transactions and if you don’t buy the early access you will be behind. All aboard for the last stop on the money train. Next stop North America


So, I’d kinda ignored this game, written it off as just another eastern MMO. I liked the comments in this article so decided to go check out some gameplay videos.

Very first video I watched, very first thing I see…….bouncy boobs.

Followed closely by two female avatars running around in skirts and high heels, getting into fights.

I like the fact that this is tab target, but really, the actual gameplay footage for Bless makes it look very similar to most other eastern MMOs. Cheesy as fuck, totally unrelatable, and I struggle to distinguish it from it’s peers.


Leaving nothing to imagination has never been the way to immersion though.
Sure, I like good graphics quality but that is still pretty far down the list of importance; meaning many other things game design wise has far more impact and importance (also on immersion), and no amount of pretty graphics can make up for bad design or gameplay.

Robert Mann

The world looks great and all… but it’s still just a backdrop and all the mechanics outside maybe combat (and likely combat, given animations in recent trailer) fail to hit immersion.

Thanks, no. That’s just a starting point. It is the most basic level of starting. As soon as you go to do things, gone.

Don’t get me wrong, design is important. It just takes a lot more than visual fidelity to a standard to get anywhere close to immersion.

Gingen | Guildmarm

Yes. Glorious immersion. So real. So beautiful *presses tab to target and cycle hotkey combat*. MUH MURSHUN


And what exactly does a dragon look like?

Brother Maynard

Thanks to the miracles of modern research, we have pretty solid evidence. Professor Terry Gilliam demonstrated the method in his groundbreaking study.


Just wait till their bikini sales goes live in the cash shop… o.O

Duey Bear

I sure hope so (since bikinis have been around since 100 BC in Sicily and Crete.) As long as they don’t look modern I’m cool with it.


What about invisikinis?


Those where available outside of Sicily and Crete I imagine. o.O


I suppose if it’s something like that it will be okay.

…but more to the point, I would like to see what’s in their cash shop before they toot out the word “immersion” first.