Path of Exile breaks down the class picks for the Bestiary league

Harby harby!
When Path of Exile launched patch 3.2, the designers wanted to rebalance or rework the Ascendancy classes entirely, with the end goal of bringing them more in line with one another while also giving them more unique identities. How did that work overall? Well, check out the latest stats on the class breakdown in the Bestiary League to find out! Because you can see that now, broken down by all of the possible permutations as well as overall.

The Juggernaut, Necromancer, and Hierophant occupy the top three spaces across the board, although the position changes; Juggernaut popularity drops off through more difficult leagues while the Hierophant and Necromancer come into their own. It’s taken as a sign that the shifts worked well overall, but there’s still more work to be done in the future; it’s the same top entrants in the top spots, but there’s a closer distribution of other picks, and the spread seems narrower overall.

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I feel like the top 4-6 ascendancy classes have been that way for a LONG time. Next major patch I would love to see a skills pass (they did the class ‘balance’ patch with bestiary) that hopefully brings some better synergy with the lesser used classes. Feels like every patch people play the same Sunder, Totems, Summoner builds. Diversity is pretty good, but there are so, so many either unused to under used skills because they just dont perforrm on the same level as the top 5-10 skills do.