TERA’s console edition launches April 3, with headstart beginning tomorrow

Action-combat MMORPG TERA’s on the way to console following its weekend beta rounds, and as of today, it has a shiny new date for that launch: April 3rd. That is… not that far away, folks!

“En Masse Entertainment announced today that TERA, the true action MMO designed for consoles, releases for free on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 April 3, 2018. Come launch, gamers will be immersed in a massive world that combines the high adventure of epic MMORPGs with TERA’s own trademarked fast-paced precision combat mechanics.”

Naturally, founder packs will be for sale. Starting tomorrow, MMO gamers can grab the $29.99 pack, which just so happens to come with a headstart that also begins tomorrow. The pack also comes with a mount, portable bank pet, strongbox keys, a founder title, and 1000 in-game currency. Check out the trailer below!

Source: Press release

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Chestnut Bowl
Chestnut Bowl

I didn’t participate in the console betas, but if it runs better than the unoptimized mess of the PC version, then it’ll certainly be worth trying out.