World of Warcraft player knocks out every achievement over six years


For most of us, achievement systems in MMORPGs are either ignorable annoyances, occasional goals, or amusing distractions. For World of Warcraft player Xirev, they became an obsession.

The Swedish player, who mains a Blood Elf Fire Mage, announced this past week that he was able to complete all of World of Warcraft’s 3,314 active achievements. The herculean task took him six years to do, which began as a way to earn a mount and riding skill that he could not afford. This sparked an interest in achievement hunting, which ramped up to where he was putting in 10 or more hours a day into the game during the Legion expansion cycle. He has become the first player to get all of the achievements through Legion, which has also netted him 424 mounts and 29,210 achievement points.

Xirev said that the hardest achievement for him was one called Going to Need a Bigger Bag: “It requires you to collect every single rare item from a Mists of Pandaria zone called Timeless Isle, some of the rare items are obtained from rare spawns that can have very long respawn timers. I didn’t even touch that achievement for a long time because it only gives 10 points and nothing else for the amount of effort you need to put in to get it.”

Want to see what a fully maxed-out achievement screen looks like? Check it out:

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