Closers announces Tina as the winner of its next playable character contest

Yay for... whichever one this is.
Remember when Closers asked players to decide on its next playable character? The votes were tallied, and Tina is joining the roster on April 3rd. So you’ve got just a week left until you get to play as Tina. Who is apparently a battle robot that has harness the energies of Phase Power and has served as a trainer for many years, but she’s now moving out into the field.

Sometimes backstories like this are more interesting than anything else you’ll actually see in the game.

Her combat arsenal consists of sniping and accessing imaginary space to summon weaponry, as you do. Fans who were hoping for the rather unfortunately named Harpy should take heart that she’s not much further out than Tina; she’s just going to have to wait for a bit longer due to losing the vote. But hey, if you were hoping for a robot wielding imaginary weapons, you got your wish.


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She is not the one with the pink hair, is she? :(

Etharion Ethie

No, that’s Sylvi, the mage character of the first team. Solid character, doesn’t have a personality you’d expect to go with that hair.


…they say that about me too! Thanks for explaining that though. :)