Elite: Dangerous goes soft on crime (and that’s a good thing)


Elite: Dangerous made a wonderful and awe-inspiring discovery yesterday in a remote star system: Update 3.0.4 was found floating in orbit around a dead planet. Now it has been returned to civilization and integrated with the mainframe.

OK, the patch isn’t much to write home about. It is mostly concerned with fixing different small issues, including some bugs that were keeping players from accessing certain rank up missions.

Probably the most significant part of the update are changes the game is making to the crime system. Players will now be able to take “hot” ships and modules and outfit them, as long as they meet certain requirements. Bounties, too, have been addressed, as the developers thought that the game was being too harsh to petty criminals.

The team explains a bit about why it wasn’t working properly as is and said that it may adjust the system as follows: “Bounties that do not include the crime of murder can always be paid off at security contacts, and bounties that include the crime of murder can only be cleared using Interstellar Factors.”


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