PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds celebrates a year of early access

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Can you believe that it’s been a year since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first launched into early access? Probably. There’s a video to celebrate the anniversary just below, talking about the early days of the game when players started (and died) in a warehouse instead of starting on a plane (before dying in a warehouse). If you want a thank you and a trip down memory lane, feel free to hop down to watch the video.

The game is also introducing weapon skins with its next update; the new cosmetics will be included in the game’s next set of lockboxes, which should surprise absolutely no one. Skins will only be applied when a gun is picked up by someone who has that skin unlocked and selected; that means that if someone has the gun and gets shot, you can use the gun with the skin. So there’s even more incentive to shoot the guy with the nice gun.

Source: YouTube, Polygon

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So i’m curious – what is the actual benefit of keeping a game in Early Access at this point of popularity?