Black Desert rolls out egg hunt, April Fools’ Day event, and new food

Did I not say MMO April Fools’ Day was starting early because of the holiday’s rude and inconvenient weekend timing this year? Black Desert’s jumping on the early wagon this week with its own event, The Shepherd Boy, which began earlier this morning. You’ll be playing sheep vs wolves in the the event as you try to determine whether the boy is indeed merely crying wolf or actually spying a real one.

Don’t care for pranks and gags? How about a good old fashioned egg hunt? Murder monsters and fish and gather as many resources as possible to snag some golden eggs of your very own.

Today’s patch also has small tweaks for mounts, including the death penalty system as it pertains to beasts, and new goods and drinks: Cron Meals and Draughts.

And now, your weekly patch note highlight: “We have restored the gravity” in Marni’s Lab. Moreover, “You can no longer have on the Underwear Settings while equipped with a Matchlock or musical instrument.” Whoever reported that bug is a true hero – Underwear Mandolin guy could have totally ruined Easter.

Source: Patch notes

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The endgame in this is currency and their whole cash shop is ways to make getting that currency easy. this game takes about 300 bucks to get started with all the inventory,weight,pets,box cost and sub disguised as a value pack. Then its about 100 bucks a month in electric,value pack,and armor upgrade items in the cash shop per month to stay relevant. yet people say this is borderline P2W. The world is almost empty because everyone is in the cities fishing afk so they are not killed while they are afk. The game is all but done when Bless Online runs through peoples pocket books and is declared P2W.


The big news today came from KR some time after this patch and we got word that in KR they will be releasing a new NPC that will allow players to downgrade their gear.

The current system many players work off of is use a byproduct of the negative karma system where if you die to NPCs with negative karma you have a chance to downgrade your gear. This boils down to having a low level character to suicide over and over again into guards or NPCs to degrade your gear so you can keep building fail stacks on cheaper to repair gear to save for more expensive to repair gear.

With this change you’ll no longer need an entire character dedicated to suicide yourself over and over repeatedly and it could potentially become a fully functional character.