Entropia Universe kicks off an event inspired by Ready Player One

Ready player done.

The plot of the novel and upcoming film Ready Player One is that you can win total control of a virtual world by having watched the original Ghostbusters film enough times. (Or something to that effect.) You cannot win total control of Entropia Universe by remembering enough about Voltron, but you do have an opportunity to take part in a big scavenger hunt across the game’s world with its newest event. And the reward is 50,000 Project Entropia Dollars, which can be cashed out for $5,000, as well as land deeds to bring in more revenue.

Of course, you are going to have to answer a series of fiendish riddles to obtain all of the three keys hidden in the game, so don’t expect to be able to just roll in and get $5,000 for knowing what Indiana Jones is afraid of (ferrets). But hey, if the idea of an in-game scavenger hunt across worlds is what you’re into, you’ll be able to fulfill exactly that desire when the riddles start on March 29th.

Source: MindArk press release

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Ready Player One is going to be Speilberg’s biggest bomb ever.

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so there’s this guy that has been coming in to my star citizen IRC chan and also comes in to the elite dangeerous ch8an (and who knows what other games’ chans)for the past some odd years to talk like some kind of russian bot about “real money economy” being added to those games based on entropia and he showed up again this week and started almost subtle about it and tried to dance around what he was talking about but in the end i twas obvious it was that guy again and we added him to the banlist yet again simply because he will talk for 24 hours straight about it if you don’t ban him because he’s some kind of markov bot or some shit.

just a silly sort of related story lol