Flyff brings around the second part of the Turning Point update

Flyff brings around the second part of the Turning Point update

The new Turning Point part 2 update for Flyff brings to mind several questions. For example, is this a subsequent turning point after a prior turning point? Was the previous point only a half-turn? Or is it a point in which you turn again and wind up back in the original direction? Expect answers to absolutely none of these questions with the update, as it’s focused instead on sending players up to level 170 through the usual adventuring antics.

Players can search through the new Mars Mine dungeon from level 155 onward, as well as use the new weapons and armor alongside new costume features. There are even some significant quality of life improvements for players to enjoy. So take wing, jump into the update today, and try not to let yourself get too carried away with questions about how you can have the second part of a turning point. Down that path lies madness.

Source: Webzen press release

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Flyff is the first f2p I ever played. I’m always surprised to hear the thing is still around.

Bruno Brito

Yeah, same.

Axetwin .

Also same.


Lol same, i honestly didnt think it was still around after all these years…its crazy that its still going!