The MMO Book Club introduces the good kind of lootboxes


Not quite a year ago, we covered a brand-new MMO community called the MMO Book Club, whose goal was to bring MMO players together to try out new games together. It’s a bit like a huge open-membership guild, albeit one that doesn’t stay in a game forever and instead moves on in accordance with the community vote. Since then, we’ve covered the group as it grew to more than 1400 members and romped through a total of 11 games.

And now it’s getting lootboxes, and that’s not an April Fools’ Day joke. But it’s also not the kind of lockboxes you’re thinking. For starters, they don’t cost anybody anything, and the prizes are actually games and apparel donated by the community.

“Players can now earn free lootboxes with actual cash value prizes just by playing games with the community and picking up achievements set at the start of every month,” says the group. “A custom-made bot, designed specifically for the Bookclub community, unlocks the lootboxes players have earned. After that, it’s up to the RNG gods as to whether loot hunters will win a common, uncommon, rare or legendary prize.”

And by achievements, they’re talking about things like taking down dragons, as shown in the LOTRO image up above. The club is currently voting on its next MMO from between Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, EVE Online, RIFT, Blade & Soul, SWTOR, Elder Scrolls Online, and Black Desert.

Source: Discord, press release
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Ian Wells

As a member of TMB, let me break down how these loot boxes and achievements work in practice. Each cycle (be it a new game or a revisit), the mods set 3 achievements (easy, hard, and guild) to challenge and motivate members to be active. The achievements are cumulative, and for every 3 you have at the end of a cycle, you earn a bookmark. One bookmark = one lootbox. So, an active member with 9 achievements racked up will get 3 chances to open a box at the end of every cycle. If they earn enough to get a 4th mark they will get to open 4 boxes every cycle, and ect.

The prizes, like any other iteration of loot box in games, are mostly funny fluff. Examples is a pointless item that stacks to 25, the eventually lets you hang out with the mods in mod chat if you get a full stack. Others include the right to have a personalized !tag in the discord or allows access to special emoji. The big prizes are steam game keys and TMB hoodies.

For the most part, it is just fun fluff and so far that is how the community is seeing it. A couple of game keys have been won, though, as they are doing a few random raffles for loot boxes just for fun to introduce folks to the system.