Twitch Prime members get tons of TERA console freebies

Right, so this is awful.
With the headstart live for its console edition, TERA is drawing all sorts of attention to its big monsters and bigger action. So how to top the hype frenzy? By piling on with a Twitch cross-promotion!

From now through April 9th, all Twitch Prime members are guaranteed headstart access to the console beta. Even better, they will all receive a code that pays out with an auto-looting dragon pet, a plasma weapon skin, a crown, 15 days of elite access, and 10 strongbox keys.

And if you’re interested in how the team adapted TERA’s combat system for the Xbox One controller, En Masse has an article up explaining the refining and mapping that happened to make this MMO functional on a console’s control scheme.

Source: TERA, Xbox Wire

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Thanks for letting me know, would have missed it.


Don’t forget that if you have Amazon Prime, you can link your Amazon account to your Twitch account to get free Twitch Prime. I can tell you that I get freebies every day when I log into Twitch. I don’t care about most of them, but it’s worth connecting your account just to see what you get. You also get a free subscription to one streamer but I haven’t bothered with that since I don’t like anyone enough for that lol.


its a shame to let that free sub go to waste