Easter bunny headgear and a new survival mode keep Warframe lively

A new patch of fun odds and ends is roaming while in Warframe this week. There’s plenty to check out here, too: new skins, changes to Kuva Guardians, more housing decorations, and even a “Lepus” headset for the holiday weekend.

The update also brings out a new game mode called Endless Kuva Survival. This mode “brings an Excavation/Defense twist while maintaining the intensity of Survival” and lets players rack up that sweet, sweet Kuva.

Meanwhile, Game Director Steve Sinclair was talking about the “big ideas, risks, and ambitions” for Warframe’s user interface this year. The team is working on prototypes and mockups to allegedly “raise the bar” on how players interface with the game and to unify the title between all of its platforms.

Source: Patch notes, Twitter. Thanks Sophiskiai!

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