ArcheAge begins testing its Legends Return update

With dragon taming and a new time-locked fresh start server, ArcheAge’s Legends Return update is of keen interest to fans of the fantasy sandbox. Trion Worlds announced that the patch is now in testing in preparation for the April 5th release.

In addition to the ability to tame and ride dragons, Patch 4.5 includes a way to keep gear from blowing up when a regrade failure hits, improved regrade rates, Shadow Invasions, crafting requests, and a battle balance.

The latter is “a major overhaul of ArcheAge’s skill trees and effects. Many skills have swapped trees or been removed from the game completely, so visit the skill section to check your builds and adjust accordingly.”

One feature has been removed for this patch: Faction chat is no more. See Nation chat for all of your well-reasoned and mature discussion needs.

Source: Patch notes

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how cool will it be if 1 month after servers release,they make the game even more p2w once more?

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See Nation chat for all of your well-reasoned and mature discussion needs.

Can we vote this the line of the week? :P


The game isn’t that special and never will be.

My main issue is how barren the zones are, BGM recyclying and how basic/unfinished they look.

They are barren, because when you leave the main road where the quests are… there is nothing, not even mobs, just rocks and bushes, sometimes not even that. I liked how in WoW every single spot is populated by mobs and between Vanilla and WoTLK, if it was the zone you were leveling in, even in the most remote areas the mobs were just as big of a thread as the ones in quests. You could even find mobs for your quests that were outside of the designated spot, which was cool.

BGM was the same in every settlement despite its inhabitants, affiliation or style/appearance, it just made me feel like having deja vu and walking in circles.

Then there is the basic/unfinished looking areas. I passed through so many different zones when I was playing back when the game first launched, I even explored some out of curiosity and they look the same – basic forest/mountain hybrid and it was only fog/diffuse and skybox colors that made it somehow look different.

This last thing was a major disappointment for me. I’ve seen cheap Asian F2P MMOs from around 2005 that have more vibrant and differentiated environments, even the BGM is different in every single zone.

It’s a really lazily made game and I don’t like it one bit, because it relies more on deception to attract players than any actual selling point, even the housing, classes and crafting isn’t as good as they advertised it to be. It’s not all bad, but the bad overshadows the good by a hell of a lot.


So, Trion sees success with Rift Fresh start and think it translates to AA? Lol.

The same issues exist in AA fresh or stale.


I had to check what year it was when everyone started talking about ArcheAge fresh start servers cause it was like deja vu all over again with people running through the same set of rationalizations that they used to pretend like it was going to be completely and totally different this time.