Shroud of the Avatar lays out a roadmap for its next three updates


Now that Shroud of the Avatar is officially launched, what’s next? For the team, the pace of development and updates won’t change, with a patch scheduled for the end of each month. Portalarium treated us to a roadmap of the game’s second quarter, saying that it will be putting an emphasis on performance, localization, polish, better direction, improved AI, better rewards, and repeatable content.

So what’s coming? The roadmap in a nutshell is as follows:

  • April’s Release 53: More side quests to the main storylines, updated maps, improved frame rates, a looking for group tool, UI polish, and a pass on combat balance. It will also add the zones of Tenebris Harbor, Eastmarch, and Penmawr Island.
  • May’s Release 54: Yet more quests and performance improvements are on the docket, as well as the ability to brew alcohol and more chaos magic.
  • June’s Release 55: More quests, more performance improvement, castle defense scenarios, a Jingo seasonal creature, more localization for text and quest dialogue, and the regions of Norgard Fens, Bramble, and East Vauban Foothills. This month will also see the shipping of Kickstarter physical rewards, such as the game’s box and cloth map.
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