Star Wars: The Old Republic gives all its subscribers two companions

If you already have these, too bad, I guess.
Do you enjoy having companions who are primarily interested in following the money? Because that’s what Star Wars: The Old Republic is offering subscribers as of April 3rd. Yes, if you paid money for a subscription, you can get yourself two new companions, the famous Mandalorian Shae Vizla and the somewhat-famous guy-who-wants-money-while-wearing-a-trenchcoat Nico Okarr!

So they’re still following the money. Bit of a meta-joke, there.

There’s no further unlocking required; as long as you’re subscribed by April 3rd, you’ll receive both companions. Both companions have been offered before as bonus companions to players who have been subscribed at certain intervals, so it’s possible you might already have these two figures tagging along behind you. But at least you’ll get a spare in case something happens to the original, right? (You will not get a spare. That’s not how companions work.)


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Terry Holland

Shame that This wasn’t Early April Fools Post by Eaware :/ Though wouldn’t surprise me if Swtor’s Eaware crew be Dumb Enough to Forget the Exclusive part that this Had at 1st Time. Oh they did Nevermind.. Now to Lure In More Gullible Sheepies with This Shameful Move :/ Those who are Dumb enough to pay 13€ for Npc that Barely has any Dialogue & don’t have Backstory & Proper Story Conversations etc. *360 Eye Roll* This kinda Shameful Behavior Only Happens at EA & Eaware’s Studio.. x)

Soon Those People who Drool for Npc Chars & to have Romance with “Not with these” will have more Drool moments at their Stronghold. When they view brief Conv. Scene that Can’t be Repeated Again. *Face to Desk* Kindly: Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews


Desperation is a stinky cologne. ;)


pff they should remove the lockbox crap and just increase ilvl dropping every year if they cant add content.This would make me resub not getting 2 more companions.I dont have the cowboy guy and i dont even care.


So they want to offer subscriber rewards for loyal fans, though not the most loyal as they get nothing.

It seems due to the pretty much maintenance mode state of the game they can’t create anything new so offer old subscriber rewards. So next up will be the HK items and the Kotfe chapters re-released as if they are new story content.

Offer subscriber rewards, great, but make them new rewards that everyone can benefit from. This however feels like the EA team came up with subscriber rewards then looked at how to implement them in the cheapest laziest way possible, which shouldn’t come as a surprise after 2017 as that of late has become this modus operandi.

Sally Bowls

I am extremely disappointed. I was hoping it meant two companions at a time!

Two Ladies – Joel Grey (Cabaret, 1972)

Twosies beats onesies,
But nothing beats threes.

Kickstarter Donor

Between this and the cash shop overhaul it seems like they’re reaching to drive revenue numbers back up…not the greatest sign in light of the earlier underwhelming producer letter : /

spencer quinn

this is really great for those who missed out on those rewards!


How do you further alienate your loyal subscriber base (of those still left)? Give out previous sub-only, limited-time rewards. Last grab by a desperate game. I defended SWTOR for a long, long time. I can’t any more. There’s such a lack of direction in this game – all it seems is that they are going for a last cash-grab to milk the remaining whales with direct-sales of CM items. Sad. This game really was underrated in terms of the quality of its instanced pvp and raiding.


As a big old SW geek, you’d think these games would be right up my alley, but they always felt like they just wasted the license and created another generic MMO, and not even a very interesting one at that. All the big deal about your protagonist speaking their lines only drew me further out of the experience (I really dislike that feature, and do not understand the love surrounding it). I’ve tried to come back to this game multiple times, only to be driven away by their horrible monitization and boring stories. Not falling coming back again, as paid or free.


Oozzzing with desperation. PAY US PAY US PLEASE OMG PAY US… I will pay you when you start adding meaningful content and systems.