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RIFT’s new Prime progression server certainly has recaptured or recruited many MMO bloggers to the game as of late, and it is all anyone seems to be talking about. So how’s the word out on the web?

Nerdy Bookahs observed that Trion “chose a perfect time” to release the progression server. The Ancient Gaming Noob initially felt conflicted but soon fell into a groove: “There was the feeling of life in the game, with lots of people around and public groups to join and things just happening everywhere.” And GamingSF said that he’s “coming along swimmingly” on the shard.

It wasn’t all kudos and praise. Endgame Variable hedged his outlook by saying that RIFT Prime was “fun, but I don’t think it will last very long.” Inventory Full felt disillusioned with the way the original game was handled and said, “RIFT simply doesn’t have the depth or breadth of content of either of the EverQuest games, nor the nostalgia factor.”

Read on for the MMO blogosphere’s thoughts on other topics, including inventory woes in Guild Wars 2, the classic multiplayer dogfight sim Air Warrior, and the early access release of Project Gorgon.

The Ancient Gaming Noob: Project Gorgon on Steam

“The day arrived earlier this week as Project Gorgon, long in an alpha that you could play for free, finally moved to Steam. It is early access, to be sure, but it has arrived. For a very small project that took three tries to get a Kickstarter funded, this is a pretty big deal.”

GamingSF: Inventory is full, again

“I was reminded of how dominant inventory space issues are in this game, for me personally at least. The problem is that any larger scale event in Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire zones showers you in loot, much of which is a container that when opened may further add to the loot pile, under which your character could easily be squashed.”

Contains Moderate Peril: Air Warrior

Air Warrior was my first multiplayer online game. Although it wasn’t a MMO as such, it shared many similarities. I enjoyed it immensely and for a twelve month period played it frequently.”

MMO Bro: MMOs with the best class options

“I crave games that offer many and varied class choices. The more and the weirder the better. There are few things quite so exciting as encountering an MMO class that’s not like anything you’ve played before.”

Material Middle-earth: Lore-master’s staff skin collection

“Having played LOTRO for almost eight years now, I’ve assembled quite the library. For this entry, I’ve chosen staves. Unlike other weapons, like swords, axes, bows, and daggers, which are shared among multiple classes, staves are exclusive to Lore-masters. I’ve found many of them to be wonderfully designed! Most can be crafted. Some can be bartered. As for the rest? You may have guessed it…lots and lots of landscape and instance grinding.”

Endgame Variable: EverQuest Coirnav diary, complete (probably)

“Much like my memory of the game from 1999, the UI covered about half of my view. But this time it was because I chose to play in the ancient resolution of 1280×720, because my testing showed that it would be impossible to read anything on the screen at a higher resolution, and I really needed to be able to read things. One of the joys of playing older games is experiencing their lack of foresight in designing for future, higher resolutions, most often seen in non-scaling, non-anti-aliased bitmap fonts.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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Dragon Whimsy

While I agree that Heart of Thorns had serious inventory issues, I really haven’t had that problem in Path of Fire zones. The unidentified items has solved that issue for me since it makes most equipment drops stack. Even in the Domain of Istan which serves as a item/gold farm I don’t have that problem. I can either identify those items at my leisure later or even just sell them straight to the trading post (which is what you should do if you have low magic find).