Black Desert players overload servers in mass protest over ongoing connection problems

Back in March, Kakao issued a round of compensation for Black Desert players in North America affected by service interruptions in what the company characterized as “issues with [its] carrier.” Lesser compensatory rewards went out to EU players. End of problem, right?

Not so much. Lag problems have persisted, and EU players in particular are upset as the server issues have affected major guild wars and castle sieges in the past few months, including a much-hyped and publicized event on March 24th that ended in disaster as the server crapped out live on stream.

And this past weekend, at least two dozen guilds staged a protest on the EU server, initiating a Valencia siege with a reported 300 to 1400 people (claims vary) that caused disconnections for the majority of players involved.

“EU Servers will die today,” one memer posted.

While some guilds are simply quitting the title in anger, others are demanding specific things from Kakao, including a new server host, separate channels for siege and node wars, non-participants perma-booted from related channels, better optimization, limit to guild forts, and a “serious effort” to improve siege content.

Source: Reddit. Thank you, Craig!
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