Skyforge hints at a special anniversary event

Skyforge is heading into its third anniversary very soon, and the team is hinting at something special for the occasion.

“At this point in time, we would usually announce the in-game celebrations of our birthday,” the team said. “But this time, we have planned something different, something bigger. Skyforge will perform a special event on all platforms (PC, PS4, XBOX) in the upcoming month.”

Meanwhile, the sci-fi MMO is running an introduction event for its upcoming Overgrowth expansion. From now through April 12th, players can go through the Tessa’s Exiles event to earn special rewards including tattoos, halos, and weapons.

Source: Skyforge
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Duey Bear

Can you pay to progress much faster than a F2Player? Absolutely. Can a F2P gain the same amount of power but in a longer amount of time? Also yes. So the kind of “P2W” I don’t worry about, but others might.

Bruno Brito

How “long” are we talking about here?