Dark and Light is devoting April to bug fixes

Find and replace 'bug' with 'feature'

In the game development sphere, developers take part in two separate but equally important tasks: The development of features to add content to the game, and the correction of bugs resulting from those features. (Insert a Law & Order sound effect here.) Dark and Light has decided that it’s time to devote more resources to the latter for this month, and thus April will be a month of bug fixes. No real content, just bug fixes.

Of course, this also comes right after the game’s last update included a fair bit of new content, so it’s not as if players are necessarily starving for things to be done. But that patch had to be delayed multiple times due to critical bugs, so now the developers are spending a month just tracking down and fixing problems. Which might not be as immediately exciting as new content, but it does make existing content more fun because it’s not buggy. Swings and roundabouts.


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I loved this game (briefly) but its so badly optimized iv no fun pvping a rubber band, iv over 1k hours in Ark and it runs great for me ….wish they would bring some of the staff over to “help” with optimization so me, friends and a lot of others Iv read about could give it another go .