Fortnite’s sky is falling (but its iOS version is rising)


If you were to believe Fortnite players, the end of the world is coming — and the sky is literally falling.

A mysterious comet in the sky has the shooter’s fan base speculating that a developer-made disaster might be lurking on the near horizon. The comet was spotted above the Tilted Towers, leading some to believe that the resource-rich area is about to be nerfed in a very public way.

The audience for this event could be larger than ever, thanks to the move to open up the iOS mobile app to anyone who wants to play. Previously, players had to get an invite to jump into the game. An Android version is on the way but has not announced a launch date.

Of course, the under-reported story of the Fortnite phenomenon is how the battle royale mode has completely eclipsed the original co-op PvE mode that launched last year. PC Gamer has an interesting piece out right now that looks at fans of this game mode who exclaim that “Battle Royale is not Fortnite!”

And for fun, here is ESPN trying to act cool and failing entirely to understand video games:

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